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Steps to make online payment for your Trip to India

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 1. Kindly enter your full name

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 4. Click, if you are arriving to visit India only OR India+Nepal

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 6. Amount, as per discussion with Mr. Manu Gaur

 7. Select, if you are sending advance or Full or remaining balance

 8. Click Submit.

 9. You will receive a confirmation that we have received all of your data Successfully. 

 We follow a Security procedure to make your online payment fast  and safe,  thus, you have  to make the payment only from the Web Link,  which you  will  receive from our email to  your email, which you wrote in this form. 

 In Just next 24 hours maximum, you will get the Web Link from our side,  click on  that and  you will be redirected to payment page. 

 Make the payment hassle free. 

 We will send you confirmation immediately once you done your  payment. 

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