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All the services given below are fully available on this website. Monuments India Tours is not responsible for any limited services being offered by our suppliers.


Kindly review the “Booking Terms & Conditions” in each segment of service provided. These terms & Conditions will apply if you use our online booking services mentioned below on our website. Please go through the conditions carefully and if you accept them you can proceed with the respective booking.


1. Minimum notice prior to date of availing the service as given below is required to accept the bookings:
Hotels/ Cars - 72 hours Holidays (outside India OR inside India) - 7 days. 

2. Except for available Hotels and Cars, the company through email will confirm the availability of all other bookings within 24 - 48 hours of receipt of the same. On receipt of the booking form, the company will strive to obtain the booking on the specified dates on a best effort basis. Since the company depends upon external service providers, it may not always be possible to obtain the booking on the requested date(s). In such an event The Company will offer you alternative dates and you may opt for alternative dates or cancel the booking. 

3. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that all the fields/details in the booking form are filled accurately. The Company will not be liable for any loss arising to the customer whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, arising due to the Customer failing to comply with the specific instructions relating to the services being offered through the Company.

4. The number of clear days (excluding holidays/Sundays/others or elsewhere specified in the terms and conditions) required to deliver the vouchers/ticket/other papers from Delhi to the respective locations is also specified against such vouchers/ticket/other papers. Monuments India Tours will require the specified minimum number of clear days to make the delivery. Any transaction, which does not allow/fulfill the specified number of clear days for delivery shall be invalid and will, deemed to have never been entered into between the Customer and The Company, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

5. The customer agrees to co-operate with the Company during the delivery of the documents/ tickets/vouchers etc. and to make necessary payments on or before (since we take advance in all cases) such delivery. In case the customer refuses to take delivery or make payment, the Customer will be liable for all the costs incurred by the Company towards the said transaction.

6. In case of holidays outside India, the Company advises its customers to ensure possession of a passport valid for the duration of their trip. The Customer may also be required to obtain a Visa for certain destinations. In case the Indian customers traveling abroad require any further information on passport or visa requirements, they are advised to contact the Company at their eMail address for such information.

7. The booking would essentially be made for the registered user. In the case of multiple bookings, the registered user or the person making the booking must be one of the travelers. The credit card, if used to settle the payment, must be in the name of the registered user or the person making the booking.


Monuments India Tours, offers travel card and personal. Any request made ​​through his website or e-mail will be a quote sent to you by email and will have a limited 14 day validity, beyond which the price can not be maintained.  We recommend you quickly confirm your specifications to ensure the quoted room rates.  Upon acceptance of the quote, Monuments India Tours will send you an e-mail confirmation of enrollment including the invoice for the total cost of the trip, our bank details the amount of the deposit and the terms and conditions.


100% advance payment is only acceptable. Following shall be the acceptable modes of payment within India:Cash/Demand Draft/Pay Order on Delivery OR Minimum 7 days advance pick up of MICR cheques, subject to realization OR Credit Cards of Visa/Master/Diners.

a. All Demand Drafts/Pay Orders should be made in the name of International Travel House Limited. payable at Delhi only.

b. In case of payment through credit card, the credit card holder must essentially be one of the passengers/customers. In addition, the deliveries would be made only at the billing address of the credit card holder, as given in the credit card.

c. In case of services (hotels, cars, holidays etc.) booked outside India, payment is to be made out of the BTQ only in USD Travelers cheques or foreign currency. You could also pay for the same in the applicable foreign currency by International credit card, subject to this payment being adjusted against your BTQ. The passenger shall be required to furnish a declaration stating that the above payment has been made/adjusted against his BTQ. BTQ. This option is only available if you buy your BTQ through us. Relevant provisions issued by RBI would also apply in such cases.

Following shall be the mode of payment for Foreign Nationals or NRIs (people resideing outside India, except Nepal) 
Payments can be made in USD/Euro/GBP/INR for the services purchased either by Wire Transfer / Credit Card.


1. Cancellation includes cancellation by the customer due to any reason whatsoever including by reason of death, illness and detention of the customer or any relation of the customer.

2. To cancel the booking, the customer should send the company an email notifying the cancellation details. The booking reference number should be a part of the e-mail. Until and unless, the cancellation request in writing is received and acknowledged by, the request for cancellation will not be considered valid.

3. Cancalltion charges, if any, would be imposed at the time of confirmation of the booking in case of Air-Tickets / Hotels / Cars (please read the terms & Conditions) etc.

In case of Packages Inside India, Pre Packaged Tours, Holidays.
More than 30 days prior to commencement of Tour: US 50 per person
Within 15-30 days prior to commencement of Tour: 25% of the Package Price
Within 03- 14 days prior to commencement of Tour: 50 % of Package Price
Less than 03 days or no show: 100% of the Package Price.

In case of Packages outside India (Out Bound Holidays) the cancellation policy is as follows:
More than 30 days prior to commencement of Tour: INR 1000 per person or 15% of the package price which ever is higher.
Within 15-30 days prior to commencement of Tour: 25% of the Package Price.
Within 03- 14 days prior to commencement of Tour: 50 % of Package Price
Less than 03 days or no show: 100% of the Package Price.

1.The computation of the period of Notice of cancellation shall commence only when the request forcancellation has been received by Monuments India Tours

2.Indian Railways cancellations are not handled by the company

3. Incase, if any flight gets cancelled or re-routed, Monuments India Tours, will not be held responsible for the same. In such cases Monuments India Tours reserves the right to take its service charges of USD 75 per ticket.


If you have any grievance in respect of services provided by Monuments India Tours , the complaint must be notified to the company within 7 days of availing the service. The company shall take all reasonable steps to redress the genuine grievance of the customer. All complaints should be addressed to the Executive Vice-President (Operations) at

Booking and Cancellations Policy